Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I Finally chose.....

I started this blog 8 months ago not really knowing what I wanted to use it for or even knowing what i wanted to say but I have now realised I should use it to write about the one thing I LOVE!!!!! So from now on this blog will be for me to tell all of you about any new beauty products that I have tried and I promise this now that the reviews I give will be 100% truthful. If I am in love with something i will make sure you know exactly why I love it, and if there is something i wish I'd never wasted my money on (which unfortunately seems to be happening alot recently) I will tell you why I don't like it. This doesn't mean all of you should go out and buy the product just because I say so but I do think it helps having an honest opinion on products you may be thinking of purchasing and are not too sure about. I am not a professional and am not claiming to be but I do love trying new beauty products especially ones that are cheap as it means if I'm not that keen on something it doesn't matter if I just throw it away or give it to a friend as I haven't spent a fortune on it.

I hope this is something you guys will be interested in and if there are particular products you would like me to review or that you love and think others will too then feel free to leave a comment or email me and I will look into doing a review on here

Have a great day girls!

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