Thursday, 29 September 2011

Fancy winning a trip to New york, Miami or LA??? (Closed)

Hi girls

I was recently sent an email about a site called findabeautysalon which gives you a list of different beauty salons in your area of the US. They are currently running a giveaway to win a years worth of free salon and spa treatments which is amazing and if I was a US citizen I would definitely be entering because everyone loves a bit of pampering especially when its free. All you need to do is go to and enter your name and zip code. Its that easy so go try your luck and if you win please think of me whilst your being pampered. Whilst your on the site why not have a look at the salons nearest you or just click here.

Good luck girls

Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Time for another nail varnish of the week and as it is now autumn I though I would move away from the bright summer colours and get a little bit darker. This colour was actually a present from my boyfriend for my birthday and I love it. It is 'Raspberry' by Barry M and is a gorgeous deep pink that in some lights looks red...Perfect for fall!

Whats your nail varnish this week?

Have a great day girls

I reached the big 20!

I know some of you may be thinking 20 followers isn't many but to me it is just as special as having 2000 followers. I feel so blessed that you have all taken time out of your day to read my words and enjoyed it so much that you have clicked that 'follow' button. I know it only takes seconds to do but it means the world to me and I am so happy and would love to get to know you all better so feel free to email me at or just leave a comment. When I see I have a new comment my stomach does that flippy over thing and a smile appears on my face. I think I have subscribed to all of you as well but if not just let me know and I will happily go take a look at what you have created. When I started this blog I honestly did not think I would have anybody read it let alone follow it so I really am just so pleased to have you here with me. So thanks for making me smile and check back later for a new NVOTW and maybe even a special extra!

Have a great day girls

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Horray its my birthday!!!

Hi girls so today is my 21st birthday and I've had a lovely day so far opening presents and having champagne for breakfast. I just wanted to ask if you would be interested in seeing any presents I was lucky enough to receive or would you just see that as showing off??? Let me know.

For now I am off shopping with my mum for more birthday treats but I will leave you with a photo of the gorgeous birthday cake my mum has made me. Lots more photos to come though :)

Have a great day girls

Friday, 23 September 2011

No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser

I was in boots this week looking for another tube of the Soap and Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser when I saw that No7 also do their own version of this. Since I had a £5 off voucher for No7 I decided for £4 I may as well try it and see how it compares. I did say I was going to try the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser but I haven't been anywhere lately that sells it but when I see it I will pick up a small bottle just so I can compare it.

I have only use the No7 one for a few days but overall I am quite impressed. The product is nice and thick so feels quite luxurious when I put it on and it smells really nice too which is good because one of the things I didn't like about the Soap and Glory one was the smell. Once massaged in to your face you just rub it off with the Muslin cloth that is included in the pack, this muslin cloth is a lot harder than the one I had with soap and Glory so gives a harsher exfoliation which for me is fine but be careful if you have sensitive skin. When the product was removed I was left with lovely soft and clean skin. Although the product says it is radiance boosting I haven't really seen any evidence of that yet but I will keep you updates.

Over all it is a really good cleanser and I am glad I got it but I am still craving the Liz Earle one to compare so once I finish this bottle I will definitely buy it to compare for you. This does however beat the Soap and Glory Hot Cloth cleanser.

Have a great day girls

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

I got NAKED!!!

I know its old news now and every blogger out there has done a post about the Urban Decay Naked Palette but I'm afraid this is going to be another one. I wasn't going to buy this until November when I go to Las Vegas and it had been pretty easy resisting up until now because every time I look for it it has been sold out. This was until I stepped on to my plane to Cyprus and read the in-flight sales magazine and it was there screaming out to me. I was good though and said no when the air hostess came past with the trolley, and I got off the plane empty handed. Big mistake! I desperately wanted it when I was on holiday and looked in all the make up shops over there with no luck so as soon as I got on the plane to come home I asked the air hostess for one expecting her to say they had sold out but she had one left so I snapped it up.

I know everyone has said how amazing it is but honestly it is the most amazing set of make-up I have ever had. The colours are soo gorgeous and you can do so many looks with them. I have had it a week now and I have used it in a different way everyday. I've done a simple brown neutral eye and I've also used it for a dark smokey black eye. Overall I am so glad I didn't wait till November to get this else I would missed out on two months of perfect eye make up.

I won't bore you with loads of photos as I'm sure you have all seen it a hundred times but I will just show you my favourite neutral eye look that I create using the colours. I use Naked all over the lid then put Buck on the outer corner and in the crease, I finish with Smog under my lower lash line. I also use Buck for my eyebrows.

Do any of you own this? If so what are your favourite colours??

Have a great day girls

Monday, 12 September 2011

Favourite/Current tag

I love doing tags so when I saw this one posted over on Brittany's blog I knew I had to do it. So here we go...

Bath/Shower Products:

1. Favorite/current Shampoo & Conditioner?

Favorite- Tigi BedHead Brunette Goddess

Current- Tresemme Colour Revitalise

2. Favorite/current bodywash or soap?

Favorite- Original Source Tea Tree and Mint shower gel - YUMMY!!!
Current- Original Source Tea Tree and Mint shower gel

3. Favorite/current razor?

Favorite- Venus Embrace
Current- Venus Embrace

4. Favorite/current shaving cream?

Favorite & Current- Gillette Satin Care

5. Favorite/current face wash?

Favorite—Soap & Glory The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser
Current— St Ives Apricot Scrub

Makeup Products:

1. Favorite/current foundation?

Favorite - Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory

Current - Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NW20

2. Favorite/current eyeliner?

Favorite & current - GOSH Kohl eyeliner in black

3. Favorite/current mascara?

Favorite— Maybelline Falsies in Black
Current— Maybelline One by One in Black

4. Favorite/current blush?

Favorite & Current - Natural Collection in Peach Melba

5. Favorite/current lipstick?
Favorite & Current Lipstick—  No7 Stay Perfect in Grace


1. What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?

Eyeshadow blending brushes

2. Name a makeup crime that you hate when people do?

Having the wrong colour foundation so they are either orange or ghostly white. Never a good look.

3. Where does most of your makeup come from?

Mostly from Boots as they have such a big collection of different brands

4. How do you make money to buy makeup or beauty products?

My job in a clothes store and my boyfriend buys me some as presents

5. Do you use a deep conditioning treatment? If so, what kind?

I use Aussies 3 Minute hair treatment

6. Would you leave the house without makeup on?

If I'm not going anywhere special or I'm just going from my house to my boyfriends then I don't wear any

7. What color are your nails right now?

Red Carpet by Rimmel

8. Do your toes match your fingernails?

Nope my toe nails are always a dark colour, normally black unless I'm going on holiday.
9. Where are most of your clothes from?

Probably New Look or Miss Selfridge, I'm definitely a high street girl

10. Do you care about whats "in" right now, or just wear and try whatever you love?

I prefer to dress for my body shape rather than whats in right now because I just see it as a waste of money buying things that don't look right on me and then never wear them. I like to keep my clothes pretty classic and then make them more on trend with accessories.
I tag all of you to do this and let me know so I can go and read them all.
Have a great day


Its that time of the week again for Nail Varnish of the Week and this weeks colour is a gorgeous red with gold shimmer. It is from the Rimmel 60 second range in the colour '310 Red carpet'. I've really been liking the 60 second range lately and have used quite a few in recent weeks but all of the colours are so different and I love them all. Lets get on with the pictures shall we????


Hope you like the colour and leave a comment with your NVOTW.
Have a great day girls

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to reality...

I am home from my holiday and thought I should do a quick update on whats going on with me. My holiday was amazing but I feel like I left in the middle of summer and have come home to winter it is that cold. I'm not moaning though because the next few months are always my favourite as I have so many exciting things to look forward to.

It is my 21st birthday in a few weeks so that is very exciting and I'm sure I will be keeping you all updated with all the lovely things that I will be doing. I am also starting back at university at the end of the month which will mean lots more work but I get to see some of my best friends again who I haven't seen all summer. Then it is Halloween which I know some people think isn't a real holiday but I love it and always get dressed up and go to a party so maybe I will do a post on Halloween costume ideas. I'm going to Las Vegas in November to celebrate both mine and my boyfriends 21st birthdays which I cannot wait for. We have been waiting over a year for it now and I just know it is going to be an amazing trip which we will always remember. Then finally it will be Christmas! Christmas is my favourite time of the year, not just Christmas day but the whole of December really. I am the kind of person who starts Christmas shopping in October and listening to Christmas songs in November. I drive all my friends and family mad but I don't care because it is the best time of the year.

So there you have it, I have just wrapped up the rest of the year in a paragraph. I have so many ideas for new posts over the next few months but as always if you have any requests just let me know and I'm sure I can do those for you as well. There will be a Nail Varnish of the Week next Monday and then it will be back to normal again which I am looking forward to as there will be a lot more autumnal colours coming in now. Oh and if any of you are from Las Vegas or have visited please let me know if there is anything you recommend doing whilst we are out there. We're going for 5 days so hopefully we will get a lot done. I think that is all the updating that needed doing. Look out for lots of new posts in the next few weeks and don't forget to follow so I can get to know you all, it makes my day when I get a new follower.

Have a great day girls