Sunday, 21 August 2011

Nail Varnish of the Week

This weeks NVOTW is a little bit different for two reasons. The first reason as that it has been posted on a Sunday instead of a Monday, this is because I am flying out to Cyprus first thing in the morning and didn't think I would have time to do this before I go so to save all the rushing I thought I would just post it today instead.
The second reason this post will be different is because it won't feature my finger nails. When I go away I either have acrylic nails put on or I just leave them bare to let them grow. This time I have just put some Sally Hansen 'Hard as Nails' on my finger nails to try and make them grow nice and strong. I didn't want to not do a NVOTW this week though because I won't be doing one next week so I have just given myself a beach ready pedicure so I will just show you that instead. WARNING: Theses pictures include feet!!!

The colour I have chosen to wear on my toes whilst I'm away is by Rimmel and it is from their 60 Seconds range in the colour '430 Coralicious' which is a gorgeous hot pink coral. I think this colour will look amazing with a tan and flip flops.

Oh the amazing pink from last week is now officially my favourite colour and it also lasted really well so 5* from my!

I have soo many posts for you when I get back so prepare to be spoilt!!! Oh an I want to do a Q&A when I get back so email me or leave a comment with any questions or requests.

Have a great 2 weeks girls!

Whats in my hand luggage bag????

Just a quick post today to show you all what I am taking with me in my hand luggage tomorrow! Oh an the bag is from Next, I got it in the sale for £10.

Enjoy x

Friday, 19 August 2011

Summer Reading...

I don't tend to read a lot of books during the year apart from text books for uni but but me on a sun lounger around a pool and I will read for hours. I normally get through between 4 and 6 books on a two week holiday which seems a bit excessive but I've read a whole book in one day once.

The kind of books I read are the classic rom-coms. I like to feel connected to the characters and laugh when they do something funny or cry when its all going wrong. I know not all of you will like my choice of books but I just want something light, funny and a bit romantic so these books are perfect. I'm not going to write a lot about each book because obviously I haven't read them yet but I will include a link to where you can read about them and then purchase if you wish.

The first book I am taking with me is 'Girl on the run' by Jane Costello, I love Jane Costello and have read all of her previous books so when I saw this one I knew it would be perfect for me.

The second book i am taking is 'There goes the bride' by Holly McQueen. I haven't read any books of hers before so I don't know if it will be any good but I really like the cover of this one.

The next book is 'The Gatecrasher' now this book is by Sophie Kinsella writing as Madeleine Wickham. I absolutely love Sophie Kinsella and have read all of her books but she hasn't brought out any new ones since 'Mini Shopoholic' so when I saw she had a whole different range under a different name I had to buy some. This is the first one I have brought but I'm sure I'll get them all at some point.

'Becoming Scarlett' by Ciara Geraghty is the next book and again I haven't read any of her books before but I love the cover on the book and its about weddings which I also love so must be a winner!

Finally the last book is 'Three in a bed' by Carmen Reid. Carmen Reid is again one of my favourite writers and I have read most of her books so I'm sure this won't disappoint.

Let me know what your favourite summer reads are in the comments. 

Have a great day girls

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What are my holiday make-up must-haves????

Today's post is all about what I take make-up I take with me when I'm travelling. Now this is for a two week holiday in Cyprus so of course if I were going for a weekend in Paris or a few days in New York I would take completely different things but for where I'm going and what I plan on doing these are the bits I am taking. This is make-up that is going in my suitcase on the plane not things I take in my hand-luggage but I am planning on doing another post about what I take as hand-luggage so look out for that at some point this week.

Make-up bag by Jemma Kidd -TKMAXX - £4.99

When I'm on holiday somewhere hot (apparently Cyprus is 38 degrees centigrade at the moment!) I wear very little make up and when I do wear it I just want a light coverage and some colour. I also make sure I always take concealer with me in case I burn on my face, that way I can cover up some of the redness at night. So to make this easier I am going to section this off in to face, eyes and lips.

Face - During the day I wear no make-up on my face at all. But at night I tend to use a few different products, this time I am taking six products for my face. I have a tinted moisturiser just to even out my skin tone and I also have my concealer to cover redness or breakouts. I then have my bronzer which is great to bring out my tan and two blushers that I can switch between, one is a bright pink and the other more of a coral pink. Finally I have a highlighter which I don't use very often but is nice on holiday just to give a bit more sparkle to your face. All of my bronzers, blushers and highlighters are powder formulars as cream products just tend to fall of my face in hot weather.

Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser in Beige - Boots - £1.99

No7 Trio Concealer - Boots - £10.50

GOSH Precious Powder Pearls in Magic - Superdrug - £7.99
* This is not available online for some reason but try your local store.

Natural Collection Blush - Boots - £1.99
Left -Pink Cloud
Right - Peach Melba

GOSH Giant Sun Powder - Superdrug - £12.99
Eyes - Again during the day I wear very little make-up on my eyes and the most will probably only be a swipe of waterproff mascara just to make my eyes look fresh and awake. For the evenings I am taking only one set of eyeshadow as I tend to just stick with a brown smokey eye at night which isn't too heavy or dark and looks good with a tan. I then have a black kohl eyeliner and two mascaras, one for the top lashes and one for the bottom.

L-R Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black - Boots - £5.19
 Maybelline One by One Volume Express Mascara in Black  - Boots - £8.49
Natural Collection WaterGuard Mascara in Black  - Boots - £1.99

Rimmel London Colour Rush Eye Quad in Smokey Brun - Boots - £6.63

GOSH Kohl Eyeliner in Black - Superdrug - £4.49
Lips - Lipstick is my big downfall when going away as I can never only take one or two. This time I am taking 5 which may seem a bit excessive but I like to have a choice.For a gloss I tend to stick to the same one over the top of most lipsticks and the one I like is by 2true and just says 1 on the lable so I'm guessing thats the colour. I may also take another lipgloss and if I do it will be a GOSH lipgloss in 0082 but I don't have pictures of either of these glosses.  I also take lots of lip balms but I will mention more about those in my hand-luggage post.

L-R George Moisturising Lipstick in Liar - Asda - £3.50
17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive - Boots - Currently £2.59 Normally £4.59
Rimmel Volume Booster Lipstick in Flirt - I can't seem to find this online anymore
Natural Collection Sheer Natural Lipstick in Sandcastle - Boots - £1.99
No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Grace - Boots - £10.00

Hope you have a great day girls and let me know your holiday make-up must haves.


Monday, 15 August 2011

Nail Varnish of the Week

I am so excited for this weeks NVOTW because I have just discovered the gem of a Nail Varnish in my collection and I have never warn it before. I was given a gift set of No.7 nail varnishes for Christmas from one of my best friends and I know this is really bad and makes me a terrible friend but I just put them in my nail varnish draw and just forgot about them...Until now!

Because it was a Christmas gift set 4 of the colours are very autumn/wintry colours with teals, raspberries dark blues and a dark reddish brown colour but there is one little sparkler out of the bunch which is perfect for summer and this is Milan.

It is the most gorgeous sparkly pink colour that I wish I could cover everything I own with. It looks kind of like you have covered your nails in pink foil which I think is really different and unique. I wish I had used this earlier as by the time I get back off holiday it will probably be the start of autumn and the colour won't be as fashionable.

Although it may seem a little strange to have this sparkly pink colour in with all the dark wintry colours I can see why the wonderful people at No.7 did it. This is the perfect New Years Eve party colour and I will be hunting this Christmas for a dress that I can wear this with as I love it!!!

This colour is still available at boots on its own and is £7.00.

What is your NVOTW??

Have a great day girls

Update...How I spent my weekend!!!

Hi girls

Sorry for the lack of posts on the blog last week but I do have a good excuse I promise. The beginning of last week was awful, I had the worst cold ever and barely got dressed until Wednesday so there was no way I was going to sit and paint my nails for a nail varnish of the week. My nails were just a chipped mess and you wouldn't have wanted to see that. Secondly I went away with my boyfriend for the weekend to Cornwall which was lovely and we had a great time but we were camping so I couldn't take my laptop to blog whilst I was there, plus it was nice just to spend time together walking round the small fishing villages and eating lots of scones. To make up for last week there will be lots of posts this week starting with a NVOTW which will be up straight after this. I am sooooo excited about this weeks colour as it is just BEAUTIFUL!  As well as a NVOTW I will also have a lot of holiday related videos this week as I go away a week today which is the 22nd August for 2 weeks so again there will be no posts during that time but plenty when I get back. Before I go I will be doing a What's in my holiday make-up bag? post and a Whats in my toiletry bag? post but if there are any other holiday related posts you would like just let me know and hopefully I'll be able to fit them in.
Now just because I have been such a bad blogger recently I will give you all a sneak peak of how I spent my weekend. Leave a comment below of how you spent your weekend!

Have a great day girls

Monday, 8 August 2011

And the point is...

Sometimes I sit down to write a post and I don't really have anything to write about but I just want to keep in touch so today I thought I would just show you some photo's of my hair and make up from Saturday night. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

How I store my make-up...

When it comes to organising my make-up I really struggle to find a way of making sure the things I use everyday are easy to get to. I currently have a make-up bag that has my everyday make-up in and then a draw full of other make-up that I don't use as often. The only problem with this is that I forget to use the make-up I have in the draw as it is hidden away. I don't have a lot of space in my room so I need to find something that stores everything but isn't too big and bulky. Anyway here's what I currently have...

An overview

Mirror is from TKMAXX - £16.99

Everyday Make-up.
Just an old Make-up bag I had from Superdrug I think

Everyday essentials

Inside the make-up bag

Draw full of other make-up and refills of things I'm currently using.
Have a great day girls

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Uh-oh it happened again...

I don't know how it happens, it just does. I go out with my boyfriend just to window shop and somehow I come home with bags full of exciting treasures. I know I don't really need the things I buy its just soo hard to walk past the make-up section of boots without picking up just a few bits. I did only go to repurchase some products that I currently have and  were running out but I may have added a couple of other bits in to my basket as well :) Lets just keep it between us shall we? Okay I'll show you what I got...

The first thing was what I actually went into boots for which is the Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing Powder in the colour 'Sun Shine'. This is my second one of these and I love it, its one of my favourite bronzer's. It has a slight shimmer to it but nothing to over the top and its just a lovely natural colour.

The second thing I purchased was also from Natural Collection but they were on offer for 3 for £5 so of course I had to get a couple more things to go with the bronzer. I got the blush in 'Pink Cloud', my favourite blush is also by Natural collection and it is the 'Peach Melba' which is a bit more subtle and darker but I thought I would get the complete opposite and get 'Pink Cloud' which is a bright bubblegum pink colour. I love it!!!

To make up my 3 for £5 I also got a lipstick from the collection, I tend to play it pretty safe when it comes to lipsticks and stick to the pinky nudes and this doesn't disappoint. I brought 'Sand Castle' from the Sheer Natural collection. Its nothing special but for less that £2 what do you expect, and as it is from the Sheer collection it was never going to be really pigmented so I guess I can't complain.

The final make-up item I purchased was a bit of luck really and has been the highlight of my whole weekend! I haven't told you this before but my favourite eyeshadow quad is Rimmel's Colour Rush Eye Quad in '002 Smokey Brun'. They have recently changed the packaging for this and made it look all shiny and new but I have the old one and its exactly the same product, the Rimmel Quad Eye Shadows currently sell for £6.63 in boots. Now whilst I was shopping on Saturday by boyfriend wanted to run into the B&M home store to get a drink so whilst he was doing that I had a wander around and I almost did a little dance in front of the whole shop when I happened to walk past a display of make-up and my favourite eye shadow ever was just sitting there all on its own waiting for me to pick it up. That's not even the best bit, I then looked at the price tag expecting to see at least £5 on it but no it said £1.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it??? I couldn't! So I snapped it up and had a hunt around to see if I could find anymore so I could stock up but nope it was the only one. My boyfriend wasn't nearly as excited as I was but I'm hoping you will be and I urge all of you if you have a B&M home store near you to just pop in and see if they have any bargains in there, you might be lucky. I will do a whole new post on why I love this quad so much but for now just enjoy the pictures :)

Have a great day girls