Thursday, 15 March 2012

So much to do, So little time...
This is how I feel at the moment. For anyone currently at university this is probably how you feel too, its the last few weeks before exams and all assignments are due in within days of each other. I wish I had time to sit at my computer and write on here about all the different things I am loving at the moment but I am lucky if I have time to eat and sleep right now.
 My current routine is:
  • Wake up
  • Work out
  • Go to uni
  • Come home from uni
  • Do more uni work
  • Work out again
  • Go to bed
Sounds really exciting doesn't it! Luckily I have today off uni so I have a bit of time to just let you know that although I really want to be blogging all the time, over the next few weeks my posts may be less regular and sometimes it may seem like I've given up but I haven't and I am storing ideas up to make this summer all about blogging.

I hope you stick with me over these next 4 weeks and I was thinking of maybe doing some exam revision and tips posts but I don't know how many of you are still in education and would find it useful?

Let me know in the commentes below and I will still be reading and replying to all your comments and emails so don't stop doing that because it is my favourite way to relax after a long day.

Have a great day girls and if you are in England today and the weather is as good as it is where I am then go have fun in the sun for me!


Friday, 9 March 2012

Candles aren't just for cake...

I am obsessed with candles and have been for some time now. Because I live with my parents I have to contain myself to just having candles lit in my bedroom but I have quite a collection now which I love to burn either all together or at different time of the year. I thought it would be easier to insert promo photos instead of taking my own because mine do not look as pretty and new anymore.

My all time favourite candle is Yankee Candle 'Vanilla Cupcake', this candle smells so good you could almost eat it! (Please don't eat it though, I'm sure it doesn't taste as good as it smells). The candle makes my room smell like cakes and why would you not want that?

My second favourite I only discovered at Christmas when I was looking to buy another 'Vanilla Cupcake' and that is the Yankee candle 'Christmas Cookie'. These smell soo similar I can't even tell the difference between them. Its so sweet and vanillary and if I burn both of these together it like I live in a cake shop.

I also really like Sandalwood Vanilla from the Yankee Candle range too and I only found this a few months ago and it reminded me of Givenchy - Play Intense which is one of my favourite perfumes so I had to pick the candle up too.

Other the Yankee Candles which are pretty expensive I really like the Glade candles which you can pick up from local supermarkets for about £2. My favourite scents from Glade are the Honey & Chocolate scent which for some reason just reminds me of Christmas and winter, my other favourite that I am burning right now is Bali Sandalwood & Jasmin which is so fresh and makes me want to be walking along a beach somewhere warm.

What are your favourite candles and can you recommend any others similar to these?

Have a great day girls!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Review: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

In my 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty post a few weeks ago I mentioned that I always forget to use primer and hadn't actually repurchased one since my GOSH one ran out. Well whilst I was in boots last week I picked up the Rimmel Fix & Perfect pro primer, I got it in 002 because its all they had which is a creamy colour but I think 001 may be clear but I'm not sure.

The consistency is nice and it feels nice on my skin which is good. Normally I can't see a difference when I use primer but this actually really compliments my foundation and makes it look flawless. I think in the summer I could possibly just use this instead of foundation as it does make my skin look really good.

The only negative point I have to make about this primer is the smell. It is quite strong and almost chemical ish. But you don't notice it when its on the skin so overall I really like this product and can see myself using it a lot this year.

You can but Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer at Boots for £6.99.

Have a great day girls!


Friday, 2 March 2012

Ballet Pump Haul

Whilst I was in Leeds at the weekend the sun was shinning and I had that feeling you get when you know its going to get warmer and summer is on its way. So whilst I was shopping I ignored all the jumpers, scarfs and boots and focused on pastel shirts and ballet pumps.

No matter how much I love winter and everything about it including the chance to wear boots everyday, there is nothing better than the first day when can wear ballet pumps without your feet freezing. However I realised that I have thrown most of mine from last year out mainly because I don't like spending lots of money on pumps because I tend to get them dirty or ruin them in some way or another. So I normally buy cheap ones from primark, wear them for a few months and then throw them out. Some of you may think that is really bad but its just the way I am.

So when  I was in Primark at the weekend I purchased two pairs of ballet pumps. This first are just patent black ones with fabric bows on the front which I really like and they are just a basic shoe that I will probably wear all the time. They were £5 and are actually really comfortable which I was supprised about because usually I have blisters and cuts the first time I wear new shoes.

The second pair are a cream pair with black piping around the top with a black chiffon bow on the front. I love these so much but I know I will probably ruin them the first time I wear them outside so I may have to purchase more than one pair before the end of summer.

The final pair I purchased a few weeks ago in Miss Selfridge which is probably my favourite shop but I hate paying the prices they charge for things so I tend to shop there mostly in the sales or when I get vouchers for birthdays or christmas. I saw these shoes and instantly fell in love with them. I think they look so expensive and almost designer so when I looked at the price and saw they were reduced to £10 I snapped them up.

Do you have any favourite spring shoes??

Have a great day girls!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

My Scent of February

I haven't actually brought any fragrances this month but if I was to go out and pick one then there would be one clear winner. That winner would be the Soap &Glory Eau De Soap and Glory Original Pink. It is the classic Soap and Glory scent in a perfume and if you have read any of my previous S&G posts you will know I always say how much I love the scent.

As you know I am not the best a describing scents so I thought I would just tell you what the perfume experts have to say about it. 'Eau de Soap & Glory Original™ perfume spray with fresh citrus top notes of orange leaf, lemon, peach and sweet strawberries, with a sparkling heart of mandarin, summer rose, gardenia blooms and jasmine, resting on a soft woody base of patchouli, warm amber and lush musks.' Pretty much sums it up really.

If you love the smell of 'Hand food' and 'The Rightous Butter' then you will love this scent as much as I do and for £16.50 for 50mls at Boots why not treat yourself to a bottle this month.

Have a great day girls!