Monday, 5 March 2012

Review: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer

In my 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty post a few weeks ago I mentioned that I always forget to use primer and hadn't actually repurchased one since my GOSH one ran out. Well whilst I was in boots last week I picked up the Rimmel Fix & Perfect pro primer, I got it in 002 because its all they had which is a creamy colour but I think 001 may be clear but I'm not sure.

The consistency is nice and it feels nice on my skin which is good. Normally I can't see a difference when I use primer but this actually really compliments my foundation and makes it look flawless. I think in the summer I could possibly just use this instead of foundation as it does make my skin look really good.

The only negative point I have to make about this primer is the smell. It is quite strong and almost chemical ish. But you don't notice it when its on the skin so overall I really like this product and can see myself using it a lot this year.

You can but Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro Primer at Boots for £6.99.

Have a great day girls!



  1. I absolutely adore this primer! It does a great job of evening out skin texture, moisturizing dry patches and slightly mattifying oilier ones, and making foundation last longer. I have worn this alone and you can really tell that it helps to disguise fine lines. It does have a very strong scent, but I don't notice it once it's applied.

    The original version of this (the 001) is a slightly different formula and is an apricot color.

  2. Thank you for your comment and thanks for clearing up my issue with the 001 version. Do you know if they still make this one as I couldn't find it anywhere?

  3. You're welcome! I'm so sorry I didn't see your question earlier! I'm in the U.S., and we have the 001 available here just about everywhere that Rimmel products are sold. The 001 packaging is very similar, except the writing on the tube and the cap of the tube will be a deep purplish burgundy and it will not say "Pro" in the name. The 001 is simply called Fix and Perfect.