Friday, 9 March 2012

Candles aren't just for cake...

I am obsessed with candles and have been for some time now. Because I live with my parents I have to contain myself to just having candles lit in my bedroom but I have quite a collection now which I love to burn either all together or at different time of the year. I thought it would be easier to insert promo photos instead of taking my own because mine do not look as pretty and new anymore.

My all time favourite candle is Yankee Candle 'Vanilla Cupcake', this candle smells so good you could almost eat it! (Please don't eat it though, I'm sure it doesn't taste as good as it smells). The candle makes my room smell like cakes and why would you not want that?

My second favourite I only discovered at Christmas when I was looking to buy another 'Vanilla Cupcake' and that is the Yankee candle 'Christmas Cookie'. These smell soo similar I can't even tell the difference between them. Its so sweet and vanillary and if I burn both of these together it like I live in a cake shop.

I also really like Sandalwood Vanilla from the Yankee Candle range too and I only found this a few months ago and it reminded me of Givenchy - Play Intense which is one of my favourite perfumes so I had to pick the candle up too.

Other the Yankee Candles which are pretty expensive I really like the Glade candles which you can pick up from local supermarkets for about £2. My favourite scents from Glade are the Honey & Chocolate scent which for some reason just reminds me of Christmas and winter, my other favourite that I am burning right now is Bali Sandalwood & Jasmin which is so fresh and makes me want to be walking along a beach somewhere warm.

What are your favourite candles and can you recommend any others similar to these?

Have a great day girls!


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