Friday, 2 March 2012

Ballet Pump Haul

Whilst I was in Leeds at the weekend the sun was shinning and I had that feeling you get when you know its going to get warmer and summer is on its way. So whilst I was shopping I ignored all the jumpers, scarfs and boots and focused on pastel shirts and ballet pumps.

No matter how much I love winter and everything about it including the chance to wear boots everyday, there is nothing better than the first day when can wear ballet pumps without your feet freezing. However I realised that I have thrown most of mine from last year out mainly because I don't like spending lots of money on pumps because I tend to get them dirty or ruin them in some way or another. So I normally buy cheap ones from primark, wear them for a few months and then throw them out. Some of you may think that is really bad but its just the way I am.

So when  I was in Primark at the weekend I purchased two pairs of ballet pumps. This first are just patent black ones with fabric bows on the front which I really like and they are just a basic shoe that I will probably wear all the time. They were £5 and are actually really comfortable which I was supprised about because usually I have blisters and cuts the first time I wear new shoes.

The second pair are a cream pair with black piping around the top with a black chiffon bow on the front. I love these so much but I know I will probably ruin them the first time I wear them outside so I may have to purchase more than one pair before the end of summer.

The final pair I purchased a few weeks ago in Miss Selfridge which is probably my favourite shop but I hate paying the prices they charge for things so I tend to shop there mostly in the sales or when I get vouchers for birthdays or christmas. I saw these shoes and instantly fell in love with them. I think they look so expensive and almost designer so when I looked at the price and saw they were reduced to £10 I snapped them up.

Do you have any favourite spring shoes??

Have a great day girls!


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