Monday, 15 August 2011

Nail Varnish of the Week

I am so excited for this weeks NVOTW because I have just discovered the gem of a Nail Varnish in my collection and I have never warn it before. I was given a gift set of No.7 nail varnishes for Christmas from one of my best friends and I know this is really bad and makes me a terrible friend but I just put them in my nail varnish draw and just forgot about them...Until now!

Because it was a Christmas gift set 4 of the colours are very autumn/wintry colours with teals, raspberries dark blues and a dark reddish brown colour but there is one little sparkler out of the bunch which is perfect for summer and this is Milan.

It is the most gorgeous sparkly pink colour that I wish I could cover everything I own with. It looks kind of like you have covered your nails in pink foil which I think is really different and unique. I wish I had used this earlier as by the time I get back off holiday it will probably be the start of autumn and the colour won't be as fashionable.

Although it may seem a little strange to have this sparkly pink colour in with all the dark wintry colours I can see why the wonderful people at No.7 did it. This is the perfect New Years Eve party colour and I will be hunting this Christmas for a dress that I can wear this with as I love it!!!

This colour is still available at boots on its own and is £7.00.

What is your NVOTW??

Have a great day girls

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