Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Uh-oh it happened again...

I don't know how it happens, it just does. I go out with my boyfriend just to window shop and somehow I come home with bags full of exciting treasures. I know I don't really need the things I buy its just soo hard to walk past the make-up section of boots without picking up just a few bits. I did only go to repurchase some products that I currently have and  were running out but I may have added a couple of other bits in to my basket as well :) Lets just keep it between us shall we? Okay I'll show you what I got...

The first thing was what I actually went into boots for which is the Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing Powder in the colour 'Sun Shine'. This is my second one of these and I love it, its one of my favourite bronzer's. It has a slight shimmer to it but nothing to over the top and its just a lovely natural colour.

The second thing I purchased was also from Natural Collection but they were on offer for 3 for £5 so of course I had to get a couple more things to go with the bronzer. I got the blush in 'Pink Cloud', my favourite blush is also by Natural collection and it is the 'Peach Melba' which is a bit more subtle and darker but I thought I would get the complete opposite and get 'Pink Cloud' which is a bright bubblegum pink colour. I love it!!!

To make up my 3 for £5 I also got a lipstick from the collection, I tend to play it pretty safe when it comes to lipsticks and stick to the pinky nudes and this doesn't disappoint. I brought 'Sand Castle' from the Sheer Natural collection. Its nothing special but for less that £2 what do you expect, and as it is from the Sheer collection it was never going to be really pigmented so I guess I can't complain.

The final make-up item I purchased was a bit of luck really and has been the highlight of my whole weekend! I haven't told you this before but my favourite eyeshadow quad is Rimmel's Colour Rush Eye Quad in '002 Smokey Brun'. They have recently changed the packaging for this and made it look all shiny and new but I have the old one and its exactly the same product, the Rimmel Quad Eye Shadows currently sell for £6.63 in boots. Now whilst I was shopping on Saturday by boyfriend wanted to run into the B&M home store to get a drink so whilst he was doing that I had a wander around and I almost did a little dance in front of the whole shop when I happened to walk past a display of make-up and my favourite eye shadow ever was just sitting there all on its own waiting for me to pick it up. That's not even the best bit, I then looked at the price tag expecting to see at least £5 on it but no it said £1.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it??? I couldn't! So I snapped it up and had a hunt around to see if I could find anymore so I could stock up but nope it was the only one. My boyfriend wasn't nearly as excited as I was but I'm hoping you will be and I urge all of you if you have a B&M home store near you to just pop in and see if they have any bargains in there, you might be lucky. I will do a whole new post on why I love this quad so much but for now just enjoy the pictures :)

Have a great day girls

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