Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I reached the big 20!

I know some of you may be thinking 20 followers isn't many but to me it is just as special as having 2000 followers. I feel so blessed that you have all taken time out of your day to read my words and enjoyed it so much that you have clicked that 'follow' button. I know it only takes seconds to do but it means the world to me and I am so happy and would love to get to know you all better so feel free to email me at jodienatalie@gmail.com or just leave a comment. When I see I have a new comment my stomach does that flippy over thing and a smile appears on my face. I think I have subscribed to all of you as well but if not just let me know and I will happily go take a look at what you have created. When I started this blog I honestly did not think I would have anybody read it let alone follow it so I really am just so pleased to have you here with me. So thanks for making me smile and check back later for a new NVOTW and maybe even a special extra!

Source: glittergraphics.org
Have a great day girls

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