Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to reality...

I am home from my holiday and thought I should do a quick update on whats going on with me. My holiday was amazing but I feel like I left in the middle of summer and have come home to winter it is that cold. I'm not moaning though because the next few months are always my favourite as I have so many exciting things to look forward to.

It is my 21st birthday in a few weeks so that is very exciting and I'm sure I will be keeping you all updated with all the lovely things that I will be doing. I am also starting back at university at the end of the month which will mean lots more work but I get to see some of my best friends again who I haven't seen all summer. Then it is Halloween which I know some people think isn't a real holiday but I love it and always get dressed up and go to a party so maybe I will do a post on Halloween costume ideas. I'm going to Las Vegas in November to celebrate both mine and my boyfriends 21st birthdays which I cannot wait for. We have been waiting over a year for it now and I just know it is going to be an amazing trip which we will always remember. Then finally it will be Christmas! Christmas is my favourite time of the year, not just Christmas day but the whole of December really. I am the kind of person who starts Christmas shopping in October and listening to Christmas songs in November. I drive all my friends and family mad but I don't care because it is the best time of the year.

So there you have it, I have just wrapped up the rest of the year in a paragraph. I have so many ideas for new posts over the next few months but as always if you have any requests just let me know and I'm sure I can do those for you as well. There will be a Nail Varnish of the Week next Monday and then it will be back to normal again which I am looking forward to as there will be a lot more autumnal colours coming in now. Oh and if any of you are from Las Vegas or have visited please let me know if there is anything you recommend doing whilst we are out there. We're going for 5 days so hopefully we will get a lot done. I think that is all the updating that needed doing. Look out for lots of new posts in the next few weeks and don't forget to follow so I can get to know you all, it makes my day when I get a new follower.

Have a great day girls

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  1. I'm glad you had such an amazing time on vacation, and that your 21st is coming up! enjoy every second of it, cause it does goes really fast. =(
    Take care girly.