Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Long awaited E.L.F haul

I've had these products for about a month and a half now but keep putting off posting about them. There isn't a particular reason for this I just keep forgetting. So here we go, I won't ramble on about them but I will just say I haven't used the products as much as I thought I would so I am overall a little disappointed and glad I didn't spend too much on them.

The first two items are make-up brushes, I've got quite a few brushes now so I may do a make-up brush collection post soon. I don't like buying expensive brushes because sometimes I think they may be a waste of money, Saying that whilst I was in Las Vegas I did buy a Sephora Make-up Brushes set which I am excited to show you. The 2 brushes I got from e.l.f were the blending eye brush and the lip defining brush and both cost me £1.50 which i think is a bargain. I've used the concealer brush for about a year now and I love it so I thought I would pick up a couple more.

The eye shadow brush is one of the products I haven't really used. I think its a good brush but I didn't really need another eye shadow brush so it ended up being a bit of a waste of money. I have however just started using it to blend my concealer and I like the effect its giving.

The Lip brush is the most used thing that I brought, I have used it nearly every day since and I don't know why I didn't own a lip brush before. I now have two so I can alternate them.

The plumping lip glaze was a freebie when you ordered and there wasn't many colours left so i went for the colour I felt I would wear most. The colour is in mauve berry and since I ordered mine lots more colours have come out so I may buy some more. The tube is double ended with the lip plumping treatment in the white end which is very minty but not sure how much it actually plumps your lips and the coloured gloss in the other end. Its a nice product but is a bit sticky.

The next thing I got was the raved about blush and bronze compact, there have been soo many reviews about this, claiming it is a dupe for Nars 'Laguna' and 'Orgasm' however after using the compact for a while I can't say I am that impressed. The bronzer can be quite dark if you are not careful whereas the blush doesn't show up unless you paste it on. If you get the application right however it is a really nice product and for £3.50 you can't really moan can you.

The final product was a set of the Individual Lash Kits , I purchased these to wear at my 21st birthday party but after trying to put them on for half an hour I gave up and shoved them in my draw. I'm sure if i could have put them on they would have looked really good but it just wasn't going right that night. I may try again and let you know if I have any more luck.

Hope you have a great day girls!

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