Wednesday, 4 January 2012

If you had a million pounds...

What would you buy?

I seem to have a list that goes on forever of things I'd like and that I tell myself I will buy next time I see it but in reality money always seems to stop those purchases. Its not even that I want things that cost thousands of pounds but all the little things soon add up and it can come to a staggering amount of money on such materialist things that I can quite easily go without. I tend to have huge shopping spree's where I spend a ridiculous amount and spend the rest of the month feeling guilty about it even though I work hard for that money. Is it just me or do you get like this too?

So if I had £1 million pounds I think I would feel a lot less guilty about treating myself to a splurge in Mac or a new pair of shoes. So my question for you is...If you had to be completely selfish and buy yourself something up to the value of £1million what would it be? And would you feel bad about it afterwards???

Have a great day girls

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