Thursday, 13 October 2011

I want one of those...

I have just fallen in love with the new Nails inc collection! They have collaborated with gossip girl which is my favourite TV show ever (my favourite character is Blair if your asking) and have brought out 3 gorgeous sets. The 3 sets are named after Blair, Serena and Lily and all come with a base colour and an effect polish which all look beautiful. I think my favourite may be the Serena one but of course I would stay loyal to Blair and purchase that one too.
The Blair Collection - Photo from Nails Inc

The Lily Collection - Photo from Nails Inc

The Serena Collection - Photo from Nails Inc

At £20 a set I probably won't be buying them all myself but with Christmas coming up they would make great stocking fillers so I will be putting them on my wish list. Enjoy the photos and let me know which one you prefer.

Have a great day girls

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