Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Review: Garnier BB Cream

When I first heard Garnier were bringing out a BB cream I was very excited as I had heard great things about the BB creams and really wanted to try one. The cream is meant to be a miracle cream that offers 5 effects in one cream. The packaging states it will

1. Unify skin's complexion
2. Give a healthy glow
3.Leave skin luminous and radiant
4.Hide redness

The cream also has SPF15 in to help protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. So does it live up to all they hype? I have to say for me it didn't, I was so disappointed with this product. To start with it does not give any directions of use on the packaging so I just had to make it up as I went along. Another problem was the colour of the product, I brought the colour light but it makes me look orange and I have just got back off holiday so I have a tan and it still looks orange so I would hate to think what I would look like if I wore it when my tan fades. The biggest issue I have with the product though is that it made my skin so greasy that the rest of my make up just looked awful on top of it. I tried wearing it on its own and it gave me no real coverage just made me have greasy orange skin, I then tried using foundation over the top and it just looked horrible. I really wish I hadn't wasted £8 on this product because I am just so disappointed.

Of course this is just my opinion and you may really like this product but just beware of the negative points I have mentioned before you buy it. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with even the slightest oily skin as it will just make the problem even worse.There was however one thing I really did like about this product and that was the smell! It smells so good so I am going to see if any Garnier moisturisers smell the same because it is really nice. Sorry this is such a negative post but I like to always give honest reviews and unfortunately this product just wasn't right for me.

Have a great day girls


  1. I've heard from other reviews that BB creams tend to leave an odd color..This seemed like a great(cheaper) alternative but I'll make sure to skip this, thanks for the review

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  2. I wish they had B creams in darker colors=( I'll keep that in mind for friends though. and thank you!! and yes!! it's really fun to have different nail polishes each week =)