Monday, 12 September 2016

Summer Favourites

Now that it is September I feel like summer is official over and we are moving in to Autumn which is absolutely fine with me. I love everything about Autumn and it is definitely my favourite time of year however I have probably had one of the best summers of my life this year so I thought I would just let you know my Summer favourites.

Beauty Favourite

My beauty favourite of the summer is actually a fake tan by Skinny Tan. I used it lots over the summer and it always gave me a lovely colour without any streaks or nasty smells. Apparently it is meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite but I honestly didn't see a difference.


Summer is probably my least favourite season for fashion, I much prefer jumpers over little dresses but I brought this dress in the next sale at the beginning of summer and wore it so much over the summer. I like that it is long sleeved as it is never really warm enough in the UK to have your legs and arms out at the same time.

TV/ Film Favourite

My favourite TV show of this summer has been Pretty Little Liars. The summer final a few weeks ago was amazing and now that I know next season is the last one I am dying to find out how it all comes together and who the hell AD is!!!

Life Favourite

I think it is pretty obvious that my life favourite for this summer would be our wedding day. We got married in July and just had the best day, I would love to do it all over again if I could. You can read all about it over the next few months.

This summer has been pretty special but I am ready for Autumn now!

J xx

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