Monday, 8 August 2016

And The Bride Wore Dior...

Choosing a fragrance for our wedding day was something I put a lot of thought into. If any of you have read this blog for a while you will know that I love perfume and the way just the smell of a certain scent can take you back to a distinct moment in time.

I knew I wanted something classic, from a brand with staying power, that I knew I would be able to repurchase time after time to remind me of the most magical day. With that in mind I grabbed my mum and we hit the Debenhams beauty hall to try and find 'The One'. After what felt like a lifetime wandering round with our heads in a floral fragrance cloud I narrowed it down to Chanel and Dior as to me these are the height of luxury and also fit the 'classic' criteria.

Miss Dior stood out amongst all of the other beautiful bottles and once I smelt it I knew that was the one. It is sweet but not sickly, powerful but not too in your face. I knew it would last the day and leave a trail as I passed which is exactly what I wanted. It is also a scent that I can wear for years to come, I think a lot of perfumes tend to suit different age ranges and as I have got older the scents I liked in my teens don't appeal to me anymore. I don't think that will be the case with Miss Dior and I think it will always be a staple in my fragrance collection.

I also love that I could still smell it on my dress the next morning as I packed it away!! What perfume did you wear on your wedding day? Is it just me that feels this passionately about scents and their ability to send you off down memory lane?


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