Monday, 15 August 2016

Our DIY Wedding Invites

When we first got engaged I knew I wanted to do a lot of the details myself. This was partly due to the fact I thought it would be cheaper and also because I had spent an obscene amount of time on Pinterest and knew exactly what I wanted.

Before we had even chosen a date we had a theme in mind, a country garden party with lots of wild flowers, hessian and twine. So when it came to designing our invites I wanted to incorporate that in some way. Luckily for me, my mum is the most creative person I knew and had lots of ideas. We ordered lots of different materials from eBay and played around with a few options before settling on natural paper and cream card with a hessian and lace header. We also added a little wooden heart on the top of each invite.

Once we knew what we wanted and we had all the details confirmed I set about designing the wording and making sure all of the information was included. I found this the most difficult bit I think as I wanted something that was informal and simple but still said everything it needed to in a cute way. If you want to use the same wording then please go ahead. I still have all the templates for everything so if anybody wants to use them then just drop me an email and I can send them over to you.

I really wanted a way of keeping everything together in the envelope so that when it was taken out it was still all in tact rather than bits of paper all over the place. I chose to wrap a thick piece of hessian around all of the different pieces of information with a lilac bow in the centre to set everything off as this was the colour of our bridesmaid dresses and although I didn't want to give too much away, I wanted to incorporate the colour somehow.

I then got all my bridesmaids, my mum and the mother of the groom and we had a night of cutting, sticking and tying all of the invites together before putting them in the envelopes and sealing them with this adorable stamp from Hobby Craft.

I absolutely love the way they turned out and although they probably ended up costing us more than if we had brought them ready made, I love the memories I have of making them and that they are completely unique to us.


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