Friday, 15 July 2011

My Favourite...Foundation

Hi Girls

I'm starting another set of posts all focused around my favourite products so if you have any ideas then let me know. It doesn't just have to be make-up, I can do post on pretty much any of my favourite things so leave a comment or email with your ideas.

Sorry the writing is coming off and my nails look awful!
So the first product that will be featured in this section is my foundation and it is first because its the first thing I put on my face so I thought why not! I use Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation in 100 Ivory. I have been using this foundation since probably March I think and I have gone through two tubs of this, I love it that much!

The colour is perfect for me whilst I have a tan but I'm not sure how it will be in November time when I'm quite pale but we will see. Apparently it adapts to skins tone & texture which I would say is true as it makes your skin look really even and I may even go as far as saying it looks flawless on some occasions which is a big deal for me as I have issues with foundations and have tried so many it was a relief to find one as good as this.

My pot has almost finished again but I will definitely be buying another and unless someone brings out the miracle foundation I will not be changing for a while. When you put this on your face it feels quite wet but once it is blended it leaves your skin soft and fresh which is great. It also smells really good which is even better. The Rimmel website also claims that a long term effect of using this foundation is it will actually correct uneven skin tones not just cover them. You can purchase the Rimmel Match Perfection is available from Boots for £6.99.

Hopefully you like these favourites posts and don't forget to tell me your favourite foundation in a comment below.

Have a great day girls

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