Thursday, 21 July 2011

The rain is making me SPEND!!!!

I'm normally quite a happy person, I don't get moody very often and never what I would call really sad but these last few weeks in England have been AWFUL!!! For anybody reading this that is not from the UK we have had rain probably everyday for the last two weeks. Its meant to be summer and I am wearing jumpers and boots because it is soo cold. I know there is a disorder called SAD which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder which means you suffer from a certain kind of mental illness in certain seasons but I don't have this because I am fine with rain in the autumn and winter and I can even handle it in spring because its meant to be cold and wet and windy in those seasons. I also know that we live in England and we don't have Mediterranean summers but it is July and it would be nice if we could have just a tiny bit of sun once a week maybe. You guys may hate summer and may be glad that it is cold and wet but me I like warm weather and feeling the sun on my skin. I like sitting in a pub garden with my friends on a Sunday afternoon and I like BBQ's with my family. I make plans for summer like going to the beach or picnics at the park and so far I haven't been able to do anything, BBQ's have been cancelled, picnic's rearranged and it is making me very sad. So to make myself feel better I have been shopping, a lot! And for a student currently without a job that is not a very cheap hobby to have at the moment. But I am going to stop with the rant now and apologise by telling you all about my new purchase, lucky you!

To cheer myself up after all the rain I decided to treat myself to a new lipstick, I know I'm such a devil! But I was in Boots yesterday and was looking at the 17 range and remembered ThePersianbabe from YouTube talking about one of her favourite lipsticks being from this range. The one she mentioned was 'Beehive' so I thought why not check it out and see if I like it as well. Turns out I love it, its more like a gloss than a lipstick and it left my lips so shiny and yummy looking.

The picture makes it look quite reddish and dark but I promise it is the perfect nude pinky lipstick and I may even like it more than Grace by No7 which is my all time favourite so that's how great it is. 'Beehive' is from the Mirror Shine collection and is £4.59 from Boots. I did take some close up photos of my lips but they don't look too good so here is just a few more photos to hopefully show you how much I like this.

And lets finish with a big photo of how I look today with it on shall we....Are you ready????

I hope this has made you feel a little better about the rubbish weather we have been having and maybe you should all go out and treat yourselves to a lipstick too. Let me know your favourites in a comment below. Oh I also brought a few more bits so let me know if you would like to see a little haul on here.

Have a great day girls


  1. Hey girly, I loveeee your blog!!!! i was in London 3 weeks ago, and it was actually nice out. lol so I guess Im lucky it didnt rain while I was there.
    anyways, please come by my page sometimes, I'm a newbie, but soon enough Ill have lots of interesting posts ;p
    Ill follow you... follow back?

    xoxo, carol

  2. You're so adorable ;-) I would love for it to rain some more this week (like earlier yesterday) and just skip the hot weather already! Not sure if having it rain will cause me to spend--maybe create as I will be doing A LOT of that this week. Either way, Fall is calling my name or shall we say, I'm calling Fall's.