Monday, 18 July 2011

Nail Varnish of the Week

Hi Girls

Its Monday again so that means another nail varnish of the week. I want to start off by talking about last weeks colour which was 'Peach Melba' by Barry M. I really loved this colour and wore it all week which makes a change for me as I normally get bored and change the colour half way through but for this series I will try and keep the colour on for a whole week. I did struggle towards the end of the week though as the nail varnish chipped really badly and that's something I can't stand but i worked through it and kept it on till last night which was Sunday of course. I should have taken a photo of how it looked at the end of the week shouldn't I? Oh well I'll try and remember to do that from now on. So apart from the chipping at the end of the week I really love this colour and can't wait to wear it again.

Now on to this weeks Nail Varnish of the week. I know I said I would be using nail varnishes I had already purchase but my boyfriend brought me this one last Wednesday and I thought it was so sweet that he had actually stood at the Barry M counter and chose this colour that I had to wear it this week so he feels he has done a good job. And he really has done a good job because I love the colour which is 'Berry Ice Cream' and it is one of the new colours in the collection. When he gave it to me I thought it was exactly the same as 'Boots Ltd Edition' by Barry M but as you can see from the photo below the 'Berry Ice Cream is much more of a pastel purple.

I love the colour of this Nail Varnish and I think it will look really nice when I have a tan in a few weeks. You can get 'Berry Ice Cream' from Boots for £2.99. Here's just a photo of how it looks on my nails.

Hope you have a great day girls and check back next week for another Nail Varnish of the Week.


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