Saturday, 4 June 2011

Veet Hair Minimising Moisturiser.

Last week I did a post about Veets new hair minimising moisturiser. I have now been using it for the recommended 2 week period so thought I would give you an update on how it went. I really was hoping for great things from this moisturiser and I think that may be why i am a little disappointed. I guess I was hoping for silky smooth legs for weeks on end just by using this product for 2 weeks and that was a little unrealistic. Even though the hair on my legs ( where I have been testing the lotion) is still growing back after I have shaved it is now much finer and I can go up to 4 days without shaving when before I was shaving every 2 days so I think that is a huge benefit in itself. The lotion is also a pretty good moisturiser and did leave my legs feeling really nice after I had used the product which was nice and it smells pretty good too.

So overall I would buy the moisturiser again and although it hasn't stopped the hair all together it has made it less of a chore to shave which I am thankful for.
If you are interested in purchasing the veet for yourself I have inserted a link and please let me know how you find it after the two week trial. I may keep using it for another 2 weeks and do an update if there is any change.Veet from amazon:

Have a great day girls

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