Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lip Product Haul

Over the last few weeks my make up has tended to stay the same and I have got into a little routine of how I do my face and eyes, but one thing I have been switching up and changing is my lip colour. Up until last summer I stuck with quite neutral lip colours. I can never wear the really nude colours such as Gosh's 'Darling' (even though I try every now and again) because my lips are naturally a dark rose colour. Although I still love the classic your lips but better colours I am becoming a bit braver and trying some different shades.

In the last week I have brought 3 lip products ranging from a safe rose pink to an out there bright red.

The first one is from the new No7 spring line which they have just launched. My first real beauty post on this blog last year was about the No7 spring line so when I saw they had released a new one I couldn't wait to try it. The lipstick I purchase was the colour 'Blossoming Pink', it is a deep rose colour that makes my lips look natural but gives them that extra shine. The colour is similar to 'Grace' from last years spring collection and mine is just running out so this is a nice replacement. The only thing I do not like about this product is the packaging. It is just a cheap plain white plastic tube and I think the rest of the collections packaging is so much prettier than this.

The second product I purchased was a lip gloss from Barry M in number 11. I purchased this because Tanya Burr or Pixi2woo raved about it being her favourite lipgloss and I love how she does her make up so thought I would give it a go. I love everything about this lip gloss, the colour is a gorgeous coral that although doesn't show up as bright on the lips, still gives an amazing shine. The smell is also amazing which is also a bonus, its a good job it doesn't taste as good as it smells else I would probably just eat it instead.

The final product I brought was a bit of an impulse buy. Barry M had an offer on certain products that if you brought two you got them for £7. So when I picked up the lip gloss above I saw that the 'Lip Lacquer Crayons' were also in the offer. I think Louise from Sprinkleofglitter has mentioned this before and I thought it was time to be brave so I went for the really bright red which is shade 2. I have worn this twice now and I love it however it is a bit hard to apply as it is so bright and it marks your whole face if it goes wrong. However when it goes right it is so gorgeous and has a sort of metalic shine to it which brightens your whole face.

What are your favourite lip products right now?

Have a great day girls.



  1. i love the color of this lipstick, so cute!

  2. About your NARS question... I'm going to do a comparison between the NARS products I have and the ELF duo that mimics the NARS one.

    I have noticed that the NARS duos, triples etc aren't as great quality as their singles and if you're going to spend the money you might as well just buy it in single form (at least when it comes to the blushes and bronzer) - I find my Danmari palette a little lacking in quality compared to my single blushes.