Friday, 26 February 2016

Maybelline Haul

I am a sucker for the make up stands at the supermarkets and feel like if I sneak it in with my weekly shop it doesn't really count. I know this is ridiculous but that didn't stop me picking up 4 new products from Maybelline on Wednesday evening between all of the vegetables and dog food that was in my trolley.
If something says it is new or on offer then I am automatically interested in it, I cant help myself. I am the person that the offers by the tills were designed for and even if I have no use for something I will probably pick it up 'just in case' or 'because its a bargain'
I love Maybelline as a brand and have used their products for the last 10 years. When I first started wearing makeup and being interested in different products I would spend hours at the Maybelline stand in Superdrug looking at all the amazing eye shadows and lipsticks. Not a lot has changed really since I was that 15 year old teenager. I am a huge fan of their mascara's and would choose the Lash Sensational over any high end mascara I have tried.
Anyway enough about my love of Maybelline, I'm sure you only came here to have a nosey at what I picked up recently.
The first thing I was drawn to was obviously their new mascara 'Push Up Drama' I believe this is from the Falsies range and I wore the original of this range for years. I love the packaging of this with the metallic pink and red. I got the shade Very Black as this is the only colour mascara I ever wear. I need my mascara to be as dark as possible. I am very excited to use this as I am yet to be disappointed by a Maybelline Mascara. This was on offer for £6 which I think is great and its only £7.98 when its full price so a really good price.
The next think I picked up was the Brow Drama Crayon, this kind of product worries me slightly as I have a fear of having eyebrows that I have drawn on with a crayon like a toddler. I am hoping this doesn't happen but it was on offer for £4 instead of £5.98 so it isn't the end of the world if I can't get the hang of it. I got it in the shade Dark Brown.
If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I am forever on the hunt for the perfect foundation. I have tried so many from drugstore to high end and none of them are quite what I am looking for. So obviously when I saw the Dream Velvet foundation on offer for £6 instead of £7.98 I had to pick it up. I got the colour Ivory as there were no testers and that was the lightest shade, I have since tested it on my skin and it seems to be a good colour match. Apparently this is meant to be a hydrating matte foundation which, if it works, may be the perfect thing for my skin.
Finally I picked up the Dream Blender which I think is their version of a beauty blender but is a lot smaller and on a stick. I have no idea if this is going to work or how it even works but I am always willing to try new ways of applying foundation so I will give it a go.
So that is all I picked up, I will spend a couple of weeks trying them out and if anything stands out I will do a review for you all.
Have a great weekend.

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