Monday, 8 February 2016

Things I have learnt whilst planning a wedding

Planning a wedding is possibly one of the most stressful things I have ever done. When I got engaged a year ago and everyone was telling me horror stories I didn't believe them for one second. All I could think about was pretty dresses, flowers and how great it was all going to be. Since then I have learnt a few home truths:
1. It might not look like the Pinterest board you have been creating for the last 3 years.
Pinterest is my best friend and worst enemy, it is where some of my best ideas have come from but also my biggest failures. Be warned, that DIY garden game that looks so rustic and easy is anything but! The pictures on Pinterest might not be the most realistic and your wedding might not turn out exactly how you imagined but it will be perfect for you and your partner and that's all that really matters.
2. DIY is not always best.
When we first got engaged I decided that I wanted to make all of our invites myself. I thought this would be not only the best way of getting exactly what I wanted but also a cheaper option. Turns out I could have paid somebody to design and make what I wanted for the same price and half the stress. They took so long to make and although I love them, I am pretty sure a standard invite would have done the job just as well.
3. Prepare for the arguments.
I have argued with pretty much everyone close to me about something to do with this wedding, if its not the interfering mother in law then it is the bridesmaid not pulling their weight. There is so many opinions involved in a wedding that it is impossible for everyone to agree. At the end of the day if you and your partner are happy that is all that matters. Who cares if Great Aunt Betty doesn't like the idea of a photo booth, you want one and you will have one!
4. Not all weddings are the same...and that's okay!
Your wedding is a chance to express yourself and your relationship. Nobody is the same and if we were it would be boring. So there is no such thing as the norm when it comes to a wedding, just because you know somebody that got married in a big fancy house doesn't mean you have to. Make sure you have a wedding that represents you and not what you think a wedding has to be.
5. Enjoy every minute, it goes so fast.
It might not sound like it after reading everything I have just wrote but I really have loved every second of planning a wedding and once it is over I will miss it. There is so much to do and everybody get so excited about it all, you really need to take a step back every now and again and remember why you are doing it. You never get these moments back so enjoy every second of it.


  1. Good tips. We did our own invites and they were fab but yes it is time consuming!

    1. Looking back it was definitely the best thing to do but it is a long process! x