Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A hairy situation...

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I am currently in the process of reviewing a new product by veet . This is their Hair Minimising body moisturiser. It claims that if used daily it will noticeable slow down the appearance of hair regrowth in 2 weeks. If this is true then i will send the people at veet the biggest thank you ever!

Because I have quite dark hair I have to shave my legs every 2 days at least to keep them silky and smooth and I am guilty of being quite lazy about this. I just find hair removal the biggest chore in the world and am constantly looking for a quick and easy solution. I have tried endless products and so far I haven't found anything that a) removes the hair quickly and relatively pain-free and b) lasts longer than a day or two. So I am hoping and praying that this product actually does what it says so that I can be a bit more relaxed with the dreaded hair removal. I'm also going on holiday in a few weeks so it would be perfect timing if it works. I am being very good and following the instructions of using it everyday (sometimes even twice because you never know, that may make it work twice as well?)

So I will continue with it for the rest of the week and let you know the results so look out for the full review. I just got my bottle from Tesco's and it was £4.99 for 250ml. If you girls know any hair removal techniques then please comment because me and my razor are slowly becoming enemies.

Have a great day girls

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