Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Soap & Glory Mini-series - Glow Job

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I was quite excited when I purchased this product as I thought it was a really good idea. This is the Soap & Glory Glow Job daily radiance moisture lotion with built in micro-bronzer beads. This is basically a moisturiser with tiny granules of a bronzer that pop when you rub it in. The colour that comes from this product is a nice sun kissed bronze however it does need blending in really well else you will be left with bronze streaks on your face. I have tried using it in two ways, the first was rubbing it in my hands to pop the beads and then rub into my face and the second was putting it straight on my face. I think the product worked better when i rubbed it between my fingers first and left quite a subtle tan on my face which I likes, don't forget to use it on your neck as well though so that the colour matches!
This is meant to be a moisturising lotion and no matter how much of the product I used my skin always felt dry after using it and it also caused my foundation to sort of peel off which is not what I look for in a moisturiser.
I am not going to forget about this product though as I really do like the concept of this and think it may be better in the summer when I have a natural tan and do not need to wear foundation over the top of this. I may also take it on holiday with me for the evenings so I will let you know how it goes then.
As with the other products this is from boots and is £8.17 for 75ml and all are 3 for 2 at the moment. If you have any recommendations of other Soap & Glory products you think I would enjoy or you would like to see reviews on I will be going to buy some more products in the next few weeks so leave a comment.

Have a great day girls

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