Monday, 18 January 2016

Our Engagement Story

I suppose before I tell you all about our engagement, I should start by telling you all about us.

We met 7 years ago whilst we were 18 and still in college and have been together ever since. I guess we have grown up together really, we were both very different people when we were 18 and I love that he has made me more laid back and I am now much happier taking the puppy for a walk and siting in watching movies on a Friday night rather than going out, getting drunk and staying in bed all day the next day. And I hope I have had the same influence on him, he has turned into an amazing man who is thoughtful and generous. And I cannot wait to be his wife! (Soppy part over with, lets get on to the engagement!)

For a few weeks before hand we had been planning on taking the puppy to the beach for the day as he hadn't been since he was around 3 months old and had been terrified of the whole situation. My parents had been going on about this trip quite a bit and to be honest I found it a little strange that they were that excited about a trip to the beach that they weren't even invited to. The beach we were going to is around 2 hours from where we live so it wasn't really something I was keen to do in 1 day but I gave in after everybody seemed to be telling me it was going to be great.

So on the morning of the 8th March, we packed the car up and the three of us set of to Wells-next-the-sea. Wells is one of my favourite places and if you have never been then I urge you to add it to you list of places to visit. It is the perfect seaside town with beach huts and little fish and chip shops, you can go crabbing in the harbour and eat ice cream as you wonder around the colourful streets. A truly British seaside resort.

Once we arrived I completely took back all the moaning I had done previously about the long trip as I just feel so at home when I am there and all the memories of summer holidays as a child come flooding back. We took the pup for a walk through the woods which leads on to the beach and then spent what felt like hours playing Frisbee with him. I was taking pictures and we were writing his name in the sand to take pictures with. I turned around to see what the fuss was behind me and there on one knee was the absolute love of my life with what now may be the second love of my life in a little box.

From that moment I can't really remember what happened next but apparently I kept asking if he was joking and I cried a lot and it was all a little overwhelming if I am honest. Although it was a complete surprise on the day and I wasn't expecting it at all, we had been speaking about it quite a bit and we both knew it was going to happen but once it was real and I had the ring on my finger I didn't really know what to do. Of course we called all of our family and friends and then we had another walk down the beach but I think I was in a little bubble of shock for a day or two afterwards.

We got engaged almost 11 months ago now and since then it has been a whirlwind of planning and organising. We only have 5 months left before the big day so the countdown is really on and I have loved every second of it. We still have a lot to do but I just want to enjoy the last few months of being engaged and the whole wedding planning process as I don't ever plan on doing it again. It is such an odd feeling when you get close to your wedding as you have such a mix of emotions, part of me cannot wait for the day to be here so that I can be married but the other part will be so sad when it is all over.
Are any of you engaged or recently married? I would love to hear all about you weddings
Have a great days

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